Nate Ferrero

Software engineer in the United States MI ▹ NC ▹ CO ▹ CA ▹ MI ▹ WA ▹ MT ▹ NY ▹ VT ▹ CT ▹ MI

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My path


Vision statement

“Our task is to make nature, the blind force of nature, into an instrument of universal resuscitation and to become a union of immortal beings.” ― Nikolai F. Fyodorov
Why is this my vision?

Because it is the best imaginable future.


Mission statement

To possess deep understanding of The Technium, and identify improvements to be made that cause positive impact on an individual, society, or the world.
Why is this my mission?

Because as a mammal, I have a limited lifespan. Patches of code I contribute to the Technium will outlive me.


I am working on...